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First Ever Military Spouse In Texas To Utilize New Rule.23 For Admission To The Bar Of Texas

sophana anderson

It was announced today that a local attorney of Hilliard Law, Sopanha Anderson was the first military spouse in Texas to utilize a new rule for the Admission to the Bar of Texas which is Rule.23.  Texas is 1 of the 34 states to have these attorney licensing accommodations. Under this rule, a military spouse of an active-duty military service member who has been ordered stationed in Texas is eligible for a three-year temporary license to practice law in Texas if the military spouse has been in good standing in all jurisdictions where they reside, has met the law study requirements, has completed the Texas Law Components, and resides in Texas.  Sopanha is also a member of the Military Spouse J.D. Network which is an organization that works with each state bar’s licensing body to carve these rules for military spouses.  She has worked with the committees in FL and MN under this network.  Sopanha Anderson quotes, “The very nature of a military family’s commitment makes it very difficult, if not prohibitive, to have the continuity of legal practice that would fall under many states’ reciprocity rules.” She is very grateful and ecstatic being able to utilize this rule after all her hard work and commitments.  Bob Hilliard, one of the founding partners of Hilliard Law quotes, ” Sopanha has been a star at Hilliard Law from day one.  To see her journey and her family’s military commitment and the pride she brings to her work is an honor for me and all of Hilliard Law.”  Judge Julianna Rivera will be swearing in Sopanha Anderson tomorrow June 24, 2020 at 4:00PM in at Judge Benavides’ Courtroom at the Nueces County Courthouse.

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