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Texas Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Owning a business is more than just a source of income— it's your lifeline, your passion, and a significant part of your life. It's a venture that requires your constant attention and protection. However, when things take an unexpected turn, navigating the complexities of legal disputes can be daunting. Who do you reach out to in such times?

Enter Hilliard Law. We are a seasoned team of attorneys with a robust track record in business and commercial litigation. Our firm has been instrumental in handling an extensive range of cases, numbering in the tens of thousands, and we've successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our experience covers a broad spectrum of litigation matters including, but not limited to, contract disputes, business torts, partnership and shareholder disputes, and trade secret violations.

At Hilliard Law, we don't just represent you; we fight for you. If you find yourself needing legal support, we're ready to step in and stand by your side. Our commitment to you is rooted in our deep understanding of the law, our thorough approach to your unique situation, and our unwavering determination to advocate for your best interests.

Every business has its challenges, but you don't have to face them alone. With Hilliard Law, you have a steadfast ally in your corner.

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What Is Business & Commercial Litigation?

Business and commercial litigation refers to a broad legal area encompassing all business conflicts. This typically involves disputes arising from transactional relationships, business associations, and commercial matters. Any business, big or small, may encounter these disputes. 

Examples of Texas Business & Commercial Litigation Cases

We represent clients in a wide variety of cases, including: 

  • Landlord-tenant disputes: These cases arise from disagreements between landlords and tenants, often centered around lease terms, rent, repairs, or eviction proceedings. 
  • Breach of contract: This occurs when one party fails to fulfill any term of a contract without a legitimate legal reason. 
  • Class action lawsuits: These are cases where a group of people who have suffered similar harm take collective action against a defendant. 
  • Business torts: These cases involve wrongful conduct committed against a business, causing financial harm.
  • Construction disputes: These arise from disagreements in construction projects, often related to delays, defective work, or contract issues. 
  • Whistleblower cases: These involve employees who expose illegal, unethical, or harmful activities taking place within a company.
  • Loan disputes: These disputes occur when a borrower and lender disagree over the terms of a loan.
  • Leasing disputes: These disagreements arise between the lessor and lessee, often regarding lease terms, obligations, or termination. 
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property: These cases involve unauthorized use of proprietary information, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.
  • Insurance claims: These are legal disputes involving insurance policies, often over the insurer's responsibility to pay a claim. 
  • Property and environmental damage: These cases revolve around damage to property or the environment and the ensuing liability.
  • Substandard house or commercial building construction: These involve claims of construction defects, poor workmanship, or use of substandard materials. 
  • Breach of employment non-compete agreements: These disputes arise when an employee violates a contract prohibiting them from competing with their former employer within a certain period and geographic scope.
  • Nondisclosure agreements: These cases pertain to breaches of agreements requiring parties to keep certain information confidential.
  • Investment, financial planning, and brokerage malpractice: These involve claims against financial advisors or brokers for negligence, misrepresentation, or fraud in managing investments.

Types of Compensation in a Texas Business & Commercial Litigation Case

In Texas, there are several types of compensation, or damages, that a business may be awarded in a business or commercial litigation case. The kind and amount of compensation awarded will depend on the specifics of the case, the severity of the wrongdoing, and the losses suffered by the plaintiff. 

The following are some of the most common types of compensation awarded:

  • Compensatory damages: These are designed to compensate the injured party for the harm that they have suffered in an attempt to restore them to the position they were in before the harm occurred. This could include lost profits, lost business opportunities, and the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property.
  • Consequential damages: These are damages that were not directly caused by the wrongful act but were a consequence of it. They are awarded when these damages were foreseeable at the time the wrong was committed.
  • Nominal damages: These are small amounts awarded when the plaintiff has suffered a legal wrong but has not suffered any substantial damage or harm. The purpose of nominal damages is to acknowledge that a right has been violated, even if the violation did not result in significant harm.
  • Restitution: This is a type of compensation designed to restore the injured party to the position they were in before the harm occurred, often by returning the actual goods or property that were wrongfully taken or by compensating the injured party for their value.

Choosing the right strategy for seeking damages in a business and commercial litigation case is a complex process that depends on many factors. It requires a thorough analysis of the facts and a deep understanding of Texas law. At Hilliard Law, we have the experience to guide you through this process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to various methods of resolving legal disputes without resorting to traditional court litigation. With the increasing costs associated with lawsuits, parties are finding traditional litigation less appealing. ADR processes provide alternative avenues for resolving disagreements. These processes offer parties the opportunity to find mutually agreeable solutions while avoiding lengthy and costly court proceedings.

ADR methods not only save time and money but they also offer a higher degree of control and confidentiality. Each method has its unique strengths and is suitable for different types of disputes. Businesses must understand each method to determine the best fit for their specific needs.

Here are some commonly used methods:

  • How do I sue for a personal injury in Texas?

    To sue for personal injury in Texas, obtain medical treatment and file an insurance claim, then consult with a personal injury lawyer to conduct an accident investigation. Send a settlement demand letter and, if necessary, file a lawsuit, engaging in discovery and settling negotiations leading up to trial preparation.

  • What is an example of a personal injury?

    An example of personal injury is a slip and fall, which can lead to legal liability on the part of the wrongdoer. Other common examples include automobile accidents, assaults and battery, medical malpractice, and injuries caused by defective consumer or pharmaceutical products.

  • What are the financial implications of personal injury, and how can Hilliard Law help alleviate them?

    Personal injury can have serious financial implications, including lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Hilliard Law attorneys work to reduce the financial burden of personal injury by seeking appropriate compensation for our clients.

Real Results ReaL Justice

  • $50
    Million Settlement*
    Class Action

    Mr. Hilliard was the lead class counsel in Haese v. H&R Block, a class action lawsuit involving every Texan who received a rapid refund from H&R Block (approx. 300,000 plaintiffs). He assisted other class counsel in forcing H&R Block to disclose it received kickbacks for arranging loans between its tax preparation clients and predatory lenders.

  • $20
    Million Settlement
    Property Damage

    On the eve of the arbitration hearing, Hilliard Law attorneys obtained a $20 Million settlement on behalf of Nueces County, Texas for property damage that occurred as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

  • $13.5
    Million Verdict
    Predatory Lending

    In 2005, Mr. Hilliard represented multiple plaintiffs in litigation with Ocwen Loan Services, LLC (formerly Ocwen Federal Savings Bank) on allegations of predatory lending. Mr. Hilliard tried two cases which resulted in combined verdicts of $13.5 million.

Steadfast Legal Representation in Texas Business & Commercial Litigation Cases

When business disputes arise, having a seasoned team of attorneys at your side makes a world of difference. Hilliard Law boasts a proven track record in business and commercial litigation, handling a myriad of cases with determination and commitment. We understand the complexities of Texas law, and our approach is always comprehensive and tailored to your unique situation.

Don't navigate these turbulent waters alone.  Consider reaching out to Hilliard Law's team of Texas business and commercial litigation attorneys today.

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