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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Making Impactful Change on a Local Scale

At Hilliard Law, our unwavering commitment to justice has and continues to enrich the communities we call home. Through our comprehensive and solutions-oriented legal representation, we've been able to implement meaningful change, assist in safeguarding community interests, and protect the rights of our friends and neighbors. 

Our firm and our families are deeply rooted in Corpus Christi, Texas, and we owe this coastal community a debt of gratitude for fostering our continued growth. As an organization, we are dedicated to doing our part as local leaders and giving generously of our time and resources in faithful support of the community we serve.

Our firm has tirelessly advocated for those in need, navigating complex legal challenges to achieve favorable outcomes. Our successes have not only brought peace of mind to our local clients but have also played a major role in establishing safer, more equitable conditions within our community.

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Guiding Corpus Christi’s Growth

In 2019, Catherine Hilliard was appointed by Nueces County to serve as a Port of Corpus Christi Commissioner, only the fifth woman to serve in this role, and currently serves as Secretary of the Port Commission. The Port Commission is dedicated to maintaining and improving the port’s navigation channels as well as encouraging industrial expansion and attracting new cargo.

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Legal Representation That Serves Our Community

Our lawyers have a long history of delivering successful outcomes for our clients, but we also care about what our work does for our broader community. Justice in all its forms is a guiding pillar of Hilliard Law, and it informs every element of our practice.

Every day, individuals suffer injuries due to the negligence or misconduct of others. From slips and falls to devastating car accidents, our personal injury lawyers tirelessly represent victims, ensuring they receive the compensation they need to recover and rebuild their lives. We also believe that holding responsible parties accountable serves as a deterrent for future negligence.

Our medical malpractice attorneys protect and enforce the rights of patients who have suffered as a consequence of medical negligence. We aim to ensure that healthcare providers uphold the highest standards of care and are held accountable for their actions. By seeking justice for victims of medical malpractice, we not only help them secure proper compensation but also contribute to increasing healthcare accountability, leading to better patient care for the entire community.

In our commercial litigation practice, we work with businesses of all sizes, from local startups to established companies. We assist them in navigating complex business disputes, ensuring their rights are protected and their interests served. This commitment not only aids individual businesses but also promotes an environment of fair trade and ethical business practices.

Our social justice practice is committed to advocating for those who have been marginalized or treated unfairly. We represent clients in cases involving civil rights violations. Through these efforts, we aim to address and correct systemic issues, ultimately fostering a community rooted in equality, fairness, and respect. Every victory achieved in this practice is a step towards creating a more equitable society where everyone's rights are upheld.

Community Outreach Focus

Our dedication to community service extends beyond the courtroom, as we actively engage in numerous civic initiatives and outreach programs. The Community Outreach Committee selects a local organization or project to support each month. From financial sponsorships and providing meals to participating in fundraising events and adopting families for the holidays, we strive to give back to the Coastal Bend community that we love.

If you need legal advice or to learn more about our community outreach, call (866) 927-3420 or contact us online to speak to a member of our team today.