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What To Do If You Get In a Car Accident

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Recently in a Car Accident? Here's What To Do

Car accidents are unpredictable and can happen at any moment.  Below are the following steps you should take if you ever get in a car accident.  It happens when we least expect it, and when we get caught up in the moment it’s very easy to forget some of the important things to do. In this article, we explain some good tips you should take if you ever get in a car accident.

Move Your Vehicle To A Safe Area

If you are safe and not seriously injured, move your vehicle away from traffic preferable to the shoulder of the road.  If you cannot move your vehicle due to how serious your accident was, put your hazards on to warn other drivers that you cannot move.

Park & Exit Out Of Your Vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is safely on the shoulder of the road away from traffic, shift gears into park, (set hand brake if you drive manual), and turn off engine. Take a moment to catch your breath. Before exiting the vehicle make sure to check your surroundings to see if there is any traffic around your vehicle.

Check On The Other Party Involved

Once you have exited your vehicle, check on everybody who was involved in this accident. This includes drivers, passengers, and pedestrians that were at the scene. Check all parties to see if no one is hurt. Call 911 if anyone may be injured.

Call The Police To The Scene

Cooperate fully, but avoid admitting fault or blaming others while at the scene. The police will objectively judge the events and determine who is at fault in the crash.

Gather Information

After the accident, try to write down as much information as possible, including:

  • Driver and passengers names
  • Insurance information
  • Makes and models of all vehicles involved in the accident
  • Contact information of any eyewitnesses
  • Location of the accident
  • The name of the badge number of the responding police officers
  • License plate numbers

Document The Scene

If you have a smartphone with a camera, take photos of the accident scene. This will become a huge advantage during the claim process.

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