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Truck Accidents: How Much Is My 18-Wheeler Accident Claim Worth?


Eighteen-wheelers are the backbone of trade and commerce throughout the country, ferrying tons of cargo from state to state every day. While these workhorses are integral to a functioning economy, they also pose a serious safety risk to other motorists. Accidents involving these giant vehicles can be devastating, leading to catastrophic injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage.

If you were injured in an accident involving one of these commercial vehicles, you may be wondering how much your personal injury claim is worth. In this article, we look at a few factors that could affect the value of your case:

1. Medical Expenses

From the initial ER visit and follow-ups to surgeries and prescription medications, many of the costs involved with treating your injuries may be recoverable. Your medical records are one of the most reliable ways to prove such damages, so you should make sure that these documents are up-to-date by seeking treatment as soon as possible after the accident. Once you have received a diagnosis, you should stick to your treatment plan, as any signs that you deviated from your healthcare provider’s instructions could lead to disputes over failure to mitigate damages.

2. Lost Income

If your injuries prevented you from working for any length of time, you may be able to seek compensation for the wages you lost. However, without strong evidence to demonstrate such losses, it’s unlikely that you’ll be reimbursed for the full extent of your damages. As such you should gather proof of lost income such as letters from your employer, pay stubs, and tax returns.

If your injuries are likely to affect your ability to make a living in the future, you may be able to pursue damages for loss of future wages. To prove such losses, your attorney might want to consult with various expert witnesses, including economists and vocational experts.

3. Pain and Suffering

Not all losses associated with a serious wreck are printed on invoices, bills, and receipts. Some—such as the pain and suffering you’ve experienced in the aftermath of this traumatic event—cannot be seen with the naked eye but will still have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Fortunately, accident victims in the state are entitled to seek compensation for the intangible effects of their injuries. As such losses are difficult to quantify, you may need to provide a variety of different types of evidence to show how your condition has affected your everyday life. Examples of such proof can include psychiatric reports, personal injury journal entries, expert witness deposition, medical records, and photographs of your injuries.

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