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7 Most Common Construction Equipment Defects That Cause Accidents in Texas


Without professional and well-versed Texas construction accident lawyers, your rights and compensation are at risk. When you are pursuing legal action against another party or parties, contact Hilliard Law. Our firm is led by Robert Hilliard, a Texas lawyer with nearly 40 years of experience who has received multiple honors for his work on several high-profile cases.

Construction work poses significant risks to employees due to the proximity of dangerous equipment, heavy machinery, and power tools. With various intricate engineering designs and requirements, there is the possibility of coming into contact with faulty equipment. These accidents may result in both minor and severe injuries 

For workers in specific fields who regularly handle dangerous machinery and equipment, it’s essential to be cautious and to inform employers of any defects that pose safety risks. However, when an employer, property owner, manufacturer, designer, or anyone responsible for providing you with safe equipment fails to take action against a defective product, you may file an injury claim to recover compensation.

7 Most Common Construction Equipment Defects That Cause Accidents in Texas

When a defective piece of equipment or product results in a severe injury, the injured person may file a product liability claim. Product liability is one section of personal injury law in which a party who has been harmed by a defective product can file a claim against the designer, manufacturer, or marketer of the product to seek financial compensation for losses.

There are various types of equipment defects within the construction industry. However, the following are a few examples of common defects to watch out for:

  • Electrical equipment lacking proper insulation
  • Equipment or machine failing to warn about risks
  • Equipment or machine containing defective parts
  • Electrocution or burn from equipment
  • Furniture tips over and falls
  • Defective drug or medical device
  • Poorly placed auto parts

In some cases, the manufacturers or distributor of a product recalls the equipment due to severe dangers. Unfortunately, many machines and other consumer products remain on the market for years before a notice is presented.

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused by Faulty Equipment?

Even though construction work has its inherent risks, employers are still responsible for following certain regulations and ensuring the workplace is maintained and safe. Throughout each day, employees and those responsible for the upkeep, inspection, maintenance, and repair of equipment must notify their employer of any issues. If those involved in any of those tasks fail to inform the employer, they may be held responsible for injuries that incur. However, if an employer fails to replace or fix equipment with noted issues, they may be held liable. 

Other parties that injured workers may hold accountable for their damages are the manufacturers, designers, distributors, and anyone else involved in the creation and development of a product, machinery, or piece of equipment. For example, if a crane malfunctions due to a design flaw, those injured have the right to file a lawsuit against the designer for injuries they sustain.

Contact Hilliard Law for an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer

Our team at Hilliard Law understands how frightening a construction accident is and the challenges that come in the aftermath. Your physical, emotional, and financial damages may place a heavy burden on you and your family. When you partner with lawyers at HMG, you can receive highly-qualified legal representation.

With nearly 40 years of experience protecting clients across Texas and the United States, our lawyers can represent you every step of the way.  Schedule a consultation with our professional lawyers by completing our contact form or calling (866) 927-3420 today. If we take your case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay us unless we win.

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