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Amarillo Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

If you have been in an accident, our team at Hilliard Law can help. We have been practicing law for over three decades, and our nationally renowned Texas personal injury attorneys can help. Our team is dedicated to obtaining outstanding results for our clients, and we are among the best attorneys serving the Amarillo area.

If you have been in a golf cart accident, you probably have several questions about what to do next. If the golf cart accident was someone else’s fault, should you be required to pay for these costs? What compensation are you entitled to? Would an Amarillo golf cart accident attorney be able to help you get the compensation you deserve?

Our nationally renowned team at Hilliard Law can help you get the answers you need.  With over three decades of experience, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help our clients. We are dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the legal process, which may be confusing without legal representation. If you need help with your legal case, allow us to break down everything you need to know after a golf cart accident in Amarillo. 

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What Compensation Can You Recover After an Amarillo Golf Cart Accident?

Following a golf cart accident in Amarillo, you may be entitled to compensation for various types of damages. This may include the following:

  • Legal expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages or wage-earning potential
  • Mental anguish or emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You may also be entitled to recover compensation for other expenses. If you have any questions about the compensation you may be able to receive, please speak with a qualified golf cart accident lawyer who serves Amarillo.

Who is Responsible for a Golf Cart Accident in Amarillo?

If you have been in a golf cart accident in Amarillo, you may wonder who should be held responsible. This is especially important if you want to obtain a recovery for your losses. Many parties may be responsible for the accident and your damages, including the following:

  • Another driver
  • Pedestrian
  • City Government
  • Passenger
  • Golf cart manufacturer
  • Parts manufacturer

In some circumstances, more than one party may be responsible for an Amarillo golf cart accident. If you need help determining who should be held responsible, we strongly recommend speaking with an Amarillo personal injury lawyer. This will increase the likelihood of getting the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What Steps Should You Take After an Amarillo Golf Cart Accident?

Following an accident involving a golf cart, you may not know what steps to take. Here are some suggested steps that may help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

If you have been involved in a golf cart accident, we strongly encourage you to avoid discussing your case, even with close friends or family members. The only exception is speaking with your lawyer, as you have the right to lawyer-client privacy.

We also recommend you avoid using social media. Many clients choose to completely log out of social media accounts, as this helps them avoid making comments or posts online. Anything you say online may be tied back to your case, even if you have privacy settings turned on and even if you don’t believe your posts are related to your case.

Seek Medical Attention

A medical professional may help assess your injuries, including those that you may not be able to see immediately. Your medical health professional can also help you determine whether you need additional attention, recommend treatment options, and assess what may have caused your injuries. A doctor’s note and an itemized medical bill can help you more accurately portray your case to insurance companies.

Speak With a Qualified Amarillo Golf Cart Accident Attorney

We suggest you speak with a qualified lawyer after an Amarillo golf cart accident, as your attorney can assist you in several ways. Your lawyer can help you in several ways, including:

  • Providing legal knowledge
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Maximizing compensation
  • Assessing damages
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Referring you to medical and other professionals
  • Providing you with helpful resources and information
  • Reducing stress
  • Handling insurance companies and legal representation

We strongly recommend you avoid representing yourself during legal proceedings, as your lawyer is far more likely to get you the compensation you deserve. You can increase the likelihood of positive results if you speak with a lawyer sooner rather than later, so be sure to contact a golf cart accident lawyer in Amarillo at your earliest convenience.

You can call us at (866) 927-3420 or fill out our online contact form. We have the knowledge and experience to help you fight for your rights and recovery. 

Real Results ReaL Justice

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    Mr. Hilliard was the lead class counsel in Haese v. H&R Block, a class action lawsuit involving every Texan who received a rapid refund from H&R Block (approx. 300,000 plaintiffs). He assisted other class counsel in forcing H&R Block to disclose it received kickbacks for arranging loans between its tax preparation clients and predatory lenders.

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    In September 2021, Hilliard Law attorneys secured a $50 Million settlement for the family of a man who died in a commercial trucking accident.

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    The Hilliard Law trial team won a $33M product liability case against a golf-car company, involving a golf cart that tipped over on a child causing a severe traumatic brain injury.

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    A jury determined that the defective design and marketing of an All Terrain Vehicle were the proximate cause of the decedent's injuries in a fatal ATV accident.

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    In May 2013, Mr. Hilliard was the lead trial attorney who obtained a $25 million jury verdict in a premises liability case in Nueces County, Texas. His client, a security guard for a downtown Corpus Christi building, was severely beaten while at work.

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If you have been in an accident, our team at Hilliard Law can help. We have been practicing law for over three decades, and our team dedicates itself to getting our client’s outstanding results. We are among the best attorneys serving the Amarillo area.

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