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Alex Hilliard’s Annual Litiquest Conference Panel


The 2019 Litiquest Conference, held at the iconic TWA hotel in New York City, will be Alex Hilliard‘s second appearance speaking at LitiQuest. A gifted speaker with an unwavering hunger for justice, Hilliard Law is proud to have Alex representing the firm for the second year running. Speaking on the 2018 panel alongside prominent attorneys Robert F Kennedy Jr., Brian Panish, and Ben Crump, Alex’s articulate and sincere demeanor made it clear that he’s one of the best and the brightest young lawyers in the field.

2018 Litiquest Conference Panel

To watch Alex’s performance on the 2018 Panel, click here.

Alex Hilliard speaks to another man on panel at Litiquest conference

Doing Good, Doing Well from Litiquest on YouTube.


Hilliard Law specializes in personal injury, mass torts, product liability, commercial and business litigation, and wrongful death. The firm has represented victims of child injuries and daycare deaths in Texas. For over two decades, the firm has been appointed by Judges in Texas and around the country to lead class actions, including the single largest litigation in US history, GM’s ignition switch defect litigation. Bob Hilliard has tried over 100 jury trials and obtained the Largest Verdict in the country in 2012 and the #1 verdict in Texas.

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