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Chemical Leak at Dow Chemical Company Leads to Evacuation Order

The Dow Chemical plant located in La Porte, Texas has issued a “process upset incident” report and has ordered a voluntary evacuation of all residents in a half-mile radius surrounding the plant.

First responders are onsite assisting with the emergency. The order instructed residents in the area of La Porte east of Bay Area Boulevard to shelter in place, turn off the air conditioning, and close all windows and doors, to avoid contamination.

While the “shelter-in-place” order has been lifted, the evacuation order remains in effect.

The leak occurred when a tank wagon over-pressurized, causing a leak of hydroxyethyl acrylate – also known as ROCRYL 420. The chemical agent is used for weatherization and chemical and scratch resistance.

When chemical spills and leaks occur, individuals risk contamination and potential personal injuries. Depending on the nature of the chemical, types of injuries may include burns to the skin, mouth, lungs, or eyes, respiratory distress, headaches, chest pain, and potential organ damage. Long term exposure can cause severe and significant harm, such as cancer, birth defects, and other serious personal injuries.

The LaPorte Dow Chemical leak remains under investigation. News reports that Harris County Pollution Control Services is at the scene and continues to monitor ongoing developments.

At Hilliard Law our attorneys have years of experience assisting clients who have suffered harm due to chemical spills. If you believe you may have suffered harm as the result of this leak or other chemical exposure, please contact our firm immediately for assistance. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to help.

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