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4 Pieces of Evidence That Could Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Claim


Motorcycle riders across the country take on serious risks every time they hit the road. With little to no protection when accidents occur—save for a helmet and protective jacket—those in the saddle can suffer serious injuries.

If you were hurt while riding, you may be thinking of filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. However, the success of your case can hinge on many different factors, including the strength of the evidence you’ve managed to gather.

Let’s look at a few kinds of proof that could help support your motorcycle accident claim:

1. Surveillance Camera Footage

If the collision happened on a busy street, it’s possible that the moment of impact was caught on film. Such footage could play a crucial role in proving liability.

For instance, if the videos show the other motorist driving recklessly or using their phone in the moments leading up to the crash, these recordings can help you demonstrate that they were at fault for causing the wreck. Additionally, if your vehicle’s dashcam or someone else’s recorded footage of the crash, such videos could also help support your case.

2. Eyewitness Statements

Whether it was another driver, passenger, or pedestrian, anyone who saw the accident happen may be able to corroborate your version of events. As such, you should make sure to note down the names and contact details of any onlookers and share this information with your lawyer. He or she may want to contact them to decide whether their deposition could help support your version of events.

3. Photographs of the Accident Scene

Were you able to snap pictures of the damage to your bike? Take photos of your injuries? Document the rest of the scene?

These images could be an invaluable asset during proceedings, helping you piece together what happened and identify the liable party or parties. When you take pictures of an accident scene, make sure to shoot photos from multiple different angles and distances so that you’ve included every aspect of the wreck.

4. Medical Records

Your medical records will not only help you demonstrate the severity of your injuries, but can also help tie your condition to the collision—provided you sought treatment in a timely manner. As such, it’s important to get a prompt diagnosis as delaying a doctor’s visit could leave room for the insurer to dispute liability and damages. For example, they might argue that you suffered your injuries in a different incident if the date of your medical assessment doesn’t correlate closely with the day of the wreck.

Discuss Your Case with a Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Were you seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident? It may be in your best interest to speak to a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

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