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Hilliard Law Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Drive Thru

Trick or treat drive thru

Hilliard Law would like to thank all those volunteers who helped to make this year’s Halloween Trunk or Treat Drive Thru a great success.

Hilliard Law volunteers included Ricky Rodríguez, Amanda Rodríguez, Alliana Rodríguez, Trey Rodríguez, Lily Ramírez, Rosaura Salinas, Megan Morin, Leo Benavides, Lori Frank, and her mom as well!

A special thank you to Kelly McQuary who spearheaded designing, assembling and distributing the bags, Lauren Ayala for creating the awesome flyer, and the Community Outreach Committee for their assistance in making this event a reality.

We also wish to thank Bob & Catherine Hilliard for their generous support of our 3rd annual Trunk or Treat, and of all Hilliard Law’s Outreach efforts. Happy Halloween!

Halloween bag Child holding Halloween bag  People holding Halloween bag People holding Halloween bags behind stand with pumpkins

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