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Hilliard Law Responds to Lawsuit Filed Against B Comm Constructors Highlighting Tragic Consequences of HB2127 on Texas Citizens

Gabriel Infante

On Friday, June 23, 2023, Hilliard Law filed a lawsuit against B Comm Constructors, a construction company in Bexar County. This legal action coincides with the solemn first anniversary of the untimely passing of Mr. Gabriel Infante, a promising young individual whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 24. The events surrounding Gabriel’s demise serve as a stark reminder of the foreseeable and preventable consequences when companies prioritize their interests over the welfare of workers. It is a somber realization that when profits are placed above human lives, and companies like B Comm Constructors neglect to implement necessary safety measures, simply doing one’s job can become a potential death sentence.

On a scorching day in West San Antonio, Gabriel Infante was engaged in strenuous labor, shoveling trenches, and burying fiber-optic cables, when he succumbed to the extreme heat. Despite exhibiting warning signs of heat-related illness, including excessive sweating, fatigue, and lightheadedness, Gabriel’s condition was not appropriately addressed. Tragically, his body temperature reached alarming levels, leading to his untimely death the following morning.

The lawsuit alleges gross negligence by B Comm Constructors, asserting that the company failed to provide a safe working environment for its employees. According to the lawsuit, B Comm Constructors neglected to implement necessary safety measures, such as regular breaks, shaded areas, and hydration stations. Furthermore, the company failed to provide proper training and protocols for identifying and addressing heatstroke symptoms, the lawsuit alleged.

Hilliard Law is committed to pursuing justice on behalf of the Infante family and recognizes the importance of protecting workers’ rights and safety on the job. The firm is dedicated to advocating for justice and holding accountable those responsible for preventable tragedies like Gabriel Infante’s untimely death.

“Workers are not and should not be expendable commodities to be used and abused in this extreme Texas heat with no reasonable protections from the very real dangers of severe injury or death. No project and no deadline should take precedence over assuring that every worker goes home safely to his family at the end of a day’s work, “ said Bob Hilliard, Founding Partner of Hilliard Law.

The timing of this lawsuit coincides with the recent passage of House Bill 2127, a controversial law that supersedes local ordinances mandating water and heat breaks for outdoor workers. The law, which takes effect on September 1, has raised concerns about the well-being and safety of workers across Texas.

“We intend to hold accountable all those who, evidently, placed business profits over the life of this promising young man,” said Attorney Leslie Bearden from Hilliard Law.

Case Number: 2023CI12450 filed in Bexar County District Court

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