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Attorney Michael Richardson of Hilliard Law Sues CenterPoint Energy Inc. on behalf of 28 Apartment Complexes for Storm Damage

Corpus Christi, TX —March 12, 2021—Attorney Michael Richardson of Hilliard Law has sued CenterPoint Energy Inc. on behalf of 28 apartment complexes for damages that occurred following the deadly winter storm and freezing temperatures that took place on February 12, 2021 through February 16, 2021.

Due to widespread power outages, the complexes sustained substantial destruction including burst pipes and water damage.  As such, plaintiff apartment complexes, which contain 8456 units housing thousands of residents, sustained significant harm.

Despite publicly commenting that CenterPoint would engage in controlled “rolling outages,” the company allegedly failed to address the power failure in a reasonable and neutral manner.  Moreover, had the rotating outages lasted just “15 minutes to more than an hour,” as represented in CenterPoint’s own press release, the resulting damage could have been avoided, the complaint asserts.

Attorney Richardson notes, “The challenges to providing electricity during severe cold weather events is neither unforeseen nor unprecedented. CenterPoint’s failure to implement recommended practices to prevent the recent power outages demonstrates a critical lack of planning.”

CenterPoint chose profits over “providing a safe and reliable source of electric power,” according to the complaint.

Plaintiffs seek damages in excess of $1,000,000.00.

The apartment complexes are represented by Michael E. Richardson and Robert C. Hilliard of Hilliard Law.

Case Information:  Bay Oaks IV LP et al. v. CenterPoint Energy Inc. et al, case number 2021-14061, in the 55th District Court of Harris County, Texas.

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