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Comprehensive Class Action Representation in Corpus Christi, TX

When it comes to taking legal action, there is undeniable strength in numbers. Class action lawsuits exemplify this power, providing a platform for individuals collectively wronged to stand against corporations and assert their rights.

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When a group of individuals have been similarly harmed by the same entity, it may make sense to consider pursuing a class action lawsuit. In such scenarios, a collective legal approach is not only cost-effective but can also significantly improve the chances of a successful outcome. At Hilliard Law, our Corpus Christi class action lawsuit lawyers provide dedicated and knowledgeable legal support for these complex cases. Our team is prepared to meticulously investigate the claims, align individual grievances into a powerful unified voice, and tirelessly negotiate or litigate in our fight to secure a just resolution.

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What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a type of legal proceeding in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court. These individuals, referred to as the “class,” have all suffered similar harm or losses due to the actions of the defendant, usually a corporation or organizational entity. The class is represented by a member, or several members, whose experiences are typical of the grievances of the entire group. This representative plaintiff operates on behalf of all class members.

The process of certifying a class in a class action lawsuit isn't automatic and requires meeting several legal criteria:

  • Numerosity. The class must be so large that it becomes impractical for each member to bring an individual lawsuit. While there is no fixed number defined under law, courts have generally found the numerosity condition satisfied when the class comprises at least 20 to 40 members. However, the specific number can vary depending on the circumstances of each case.
  • Commonality. There must be common questions of law or fact among the class members. This means that there are legal or factual issues that link the class members' claims together, demonstrating that the defendant's actions have similarly impacted the class members. Importantly, the commonality requirement doesn't necessitate that all aspects of the cases are identical among class members but that there are at least some significant elements that are shared.
  • Typicality. The claims or defenses of the class representatives must be typical of those of the rest of the class. In other words, the situation or grievance of the representative plaintiffs – those who initiate the lawsuit and represent the class – must be characteristic of the issues experienced by the rest of the class members.
  • Adequacy of representation. This ensures that the representative plaintiffs and their attorneys will fairly and adequately protect the interests of all class members. The court must be satisfied that the representatives and their lawyers have no conflicts of interest with other class members and are capable of adequately pursuing the action on behalf of the class. We are confident that our skilled and highly qualified Corpus Christi class action lawsuit attorneys will meet this requirement.

Should a lawsuit meet all these prerequisites, the court then determines if a class action is the best method to fairly and efficiently adjudicate the conflict. The court will generally consider several factors, such as whether the defendant has acted or refused to act on grounds that apply generally to the class and whether the common questions of law or fact predominate over any questions affecting only individual class members. Only after thoroughly evaluating all these factors does a court decide to certify a class, allowing the lawsuit to continue as a class action.

Once the class has been certified, the lawsuit can proceed similarly to a regular lawsuit, with discovery, negotiation, and a potential trial. However, what differentiates a class action is that the ultimate outcome of the case applies to all members of the “class,” even those who did not actively participate in the suit.

Types of Class Actions We Handle

Class action lawsuits are often linked with certain types of cases where collective action is deemed more effective and practical. At Hilliard Law, we have the requisite experience and tenacity to handle many types of class action suits and are prepared to go the distance to ensure justice is served. 

Our Corpus Christi class action lawsuit lawyers are prepared to assist you with cases involving:

  • Consumer fraud. These lawsuits concern corporations misleading consumers or engaging in deceptive practices. This could involve selling defective products, making false advertising claims, or violating consumer protection laws. A class action can be especially fitting in such cases, as individual consumers may not have substantial individual losses to warrant separate lawsuits. However, collectively, these small claims can lead to a significant judgment or settlement.
  • Securities and financial fraud. When a group of investors suffer financial losses due to fraudulent activities by companies, such as misrepresentation of finances, insider trading, or stock manipulation, they may initiate a class action lawsuit. Since these cases often involve complex financial transactions, pooling resources can help afford the legal resources needed to challenge the corporations involved.
  • Environmental and toxic torts. In situations where a vast number of individuals suffer harm due to environmental pollution or exposure to harmful substances, a class action lawsuit can be an effective tool for obtaining justice. These cases can involve issues like oil spills, groundwater contamination, or exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Data and privacy breaches. With the rise of digital technology, data and privacy breaches have become increasingly prevalent. When companies fail to protect consumer data, leading to large-scale privacy violations or identity theft, affected individuals may band together to seek collective redress.
  • Dangerous or defective pharmaceutical and medical devices. Class action suits can be brought against pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers when their products cause harm to consumers. This could be due to side effects not disclosed by the company, manufacturing defects, or other forms of negligence.

Our Corpus Christi class action lawsuit attorneys are ready to listen to your story and can walk you through your legal options.

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Real Results ReaL Justice

  • Record-Setting
    Million Settlement*
    Wrongful Death

    Hilliard Law attorneys represented numerous injury victims and the families of those killed in accidents caused by GM’s defective ignition switch and their concealment of safety defects.

  • $50
    Million Settlement*
    Class Action

    Mr. Hilliard was the lead class counsel in Haese v. H&R Block, a class action lawsuit involving every Texan who received a rapid refund from H&R Block (approx. 300,000 plaintiffs). He assisted other class counsel in forcing H&R Block to disclose it received kickbacks for arranging loans between its tax preparation clients and predatory lenders.

  • $50
    Million Settlement
    Wrongful Death

    In September 2021, Hilliard Law attorneys secured a $50 Million settlement for the family of a man who died in a commercial trucking accident.

  • $33
    Million Verdict
    Traumatic Brain Injury

    The Hilliard Law trial team won a $33M product liability case against a golf-car company, involving a golf cart that tipped over on a child causing a severe traumatic brain injury.

  • $30
    Million Verdict
    ATV Accident

    A jury determined that the defective design and marketing of an All Terrain Vehicle were the proximate cause of the decedent's injuries in a fatal ATV accident.

  • $25
    Million Verdict
    Negligent Security

    In May 2013, Mr. Hilliard was the lead trial attorney who obtained a $25 million jury verdict in a premises liability case in Nueces County, Texas. His client, a security guard for a downtown Corpus Christi building, was severely beaten while at work.

Advantages of Class Action Lawsuits

One of the most significant advantages of class action lawsuits is their ability to level the playing field between individuals and large corporations. They offer a more efficient and cost-effective means for groups of people to seek justice, especially when single claims may be too small to pursue individually. By pooling their resources, plaintiffs in a class action can afford a legal battle against large entities, thereby promoting accountability and deterring future misconduct.

To that end, class action lawsuits also have the potential to create significant societal changes. Through these lawsuits, corporations are often forced to amend their unethical practices, steering them toward better business conduct. This not only provides justice to the victims but also protects future potential victims from similar harm.

Class action lawsuits serve as a powerful deterrent to other businesses, signaling the potential consequences of neglecting consumer rights and public safety. They also promote corporate transparency and integrity as companies become keen to avoid such lawsuits. At Hilliard Law, we passionately believe in the broader societal impact of class action lawsuits. They aren't just about winning a case – they also contribute to better business practices and a fairer, safer society.

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