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Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Lawyers

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The death of a loved one is devastating, but even more so when their death was caused by the carelessness or wrongful act of another.

When you are dealing with the death of a family member, you are grieving and distracted — you need help to know what to do.

Our Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyers are here for you with years of experience in seeking justice in wrongful death cases. The purpose of a wrongful death suit is to provide relief to family members who have been injured emotionally and financially by their loved one’s death. We bring suit to recover damages for the injuries that you have suffered due to the death of the victim.

What Types of Compensation Can I recover for a wrongful death claim?

Damages in wrongful death cases are for losses you suffer as a survivor of the deceased. Some losses are measurable — a widow could seek to recover the financial support she would have received had her spouse lived. Other damages are less tangible. Recoverable damages can include:

  • Direct expenses: medical bills and funeral costs
  • Loss of benefits: income the person could have received in pension/retirement benefits had he or she lived
  • Loss of future earnings: income the deceased would have earned if he or she had lived
  • Loss of companionship: the emotional support (love, care, comfort, protection, etc.) that the deceased would have provided to a relationship and the mental pain and suffering resulting from the person’s death
  • Punitive damages: the amount the party responsible for the death should pay as punishment

Calculating the monetary value of damages is an extremely complex undertaking, best entrusted to a legal team with many years of experience trying wrongful death cases. Hilliard Law can provide that team.

In all matters involving wrongful death, it is essential that we move promptly to preserve evidence, investigate the accident and file the lawsuit before the Statute of Limitations deadline. Please don’t delay contacting us.

How to File a Wrongful Death Claim

If you are facing grief and suffering due to the loss of a family member, and you believe someone is directly responsible, you may be eligible to file a claim. Certain immediate family members can file a claim for wrongful death compensation, allowing them to receive fair payment for their losses. Generally, spouses, parents, or children can file these claims. In other circumstances where these individuals cannot file, a non-immediate family member can also file.

To file a wrongful death claim, you will need to collect information dependent upon the surrounding circumstances. For example, you need to determine which party or parties holds liability, collect contact information from them, and identify through which avenue makes sense to file a claim. If you lose a loved one because of a car accident, you will likely file through the liable parties’ car insurance. Renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, medical insurance, and other policies may also apply.

You will likely benefit from collecting and submitting relevant evidence and information with your claims. These items can help you qualify for accurate compensation. We also recommend you bring proof and information to any legal consultations, as this will allow your lawyer to understand your case better and increase the compensation you can receive. Your wrongful death lawyer can also assist you during your claims, including completing paperwork and filing documents.

Who is Responsible for Wrongful Death?

Many individuals may be responsible for an instance of wrongful death, but it can be challenging to hold them accountable for losses. One of the only ways to hold these individuals liable is to identify responsible persons and file a legal claim against them. This is also one of the only ways to receive fair compensation. The following individuals may be liable for your losses:

  • Vehicle drivers
  • Pedestrians or passengers of cars
  • Company drivers
  • Medical professionals, including doctors and facility employees
  • Property owners or renters
  • Employers or employees of the premises
  • City or state government
  • Parts, vehicle, or machinery manufacturers

In some cases, more than one party is responsible for wrongful death. You can receive assistance in determining who is liable and holding them accountable when you partner with a wrongful death lawyer. Your attorney can also help you level the playing field against other legal representatives, hold insurance companies responsible for what you are owed, and much more.

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Real Results ReaL Justice

  • $20.8
    Million Settlement
    Oil Field Accident

    Hilliard Law attorneys secured a $20.8M settlement for the family of a man who passed away after an explosion at an oil field.

  • $10.5
    Million Verdict
    Catastrophic Injury

    Our client, a Service Transport commercial truck driver, sustained catastrophic injuries from a fall while making a delivery at BASF’s chemical facility. He subsequently passed away from those injuries.

  • $9.5
    Million Settlement
    Oil Field Accident

    In 2019, Hilliard Law attorneys secured a $9.5 Million settlement for the family of a man who was killed while working at a pipeline facility in South Texas.

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