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3 FAQs about ATV Accidents in Texas


All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are a great way to explore Texas’ scenic landscapes. However, these recreational rides offer little protection when a crash occurs, leaving you at great risk of suffering a serious injury in an accident.

If you were hurt in an ATV accident, you likely have several questions running through your mind. Thankfully, a skilled personal injury lawyer can provide you with reliable answers to help guide you through the weeks to come.  While you wait to meet with an attorney, we’ve taken time to answer a few of the most asked questions:

1. Who Is Liable for an ATV Accident?

The answer to this question will depend on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. As many ATVs in Texas are rented from local companies, there’s a chance the rental company may be at least partly responsible for your injuries. For instance, if it emerges that the accident was the result of a mechanical failure or improper maintenance, the rental company could be on the hook for your damages.

However, in most cases, the at-fault operator of the other vehicle involved will share some degree of liability for your injuries. If, for example, you can show that they were distracted or driving recklessly, you might have a strong case to recover damages from this party.

2. How Much is My Case Worth?

The losses recoverable in an ATV wreck claim are like those available in car, truck, and other traffic accident cases. Besides your medical bills, you may also receive compensation for damages such as lost income, replacement services, repair costs, home modifications, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment in life. An attorney can assess your claim and review the available evidence to help you determine which losses may be available in your situation.

3. What Evidence Might I Need to Win My Claim?

While the proof you’ll require can vary drastically from one case to the next, there are some types of evidence that are commonly used to demonstrate liability and damages in ATV accident cases. For instance, surveillance camera footage of the moment of impact could help show who was responsible for causing the wreck.

Alternatively, medical records will likely play an important role in proving the severity of your injuries and the healthcare costs you’ve incurred. Other types of proof that might make an appearance in your case could include paystubs to show lost wages, eyewitness statements, dashcam videos, cell phone records, personal injury journal entries, and maintenance records.

Discuss Your Case with a Texas ATV Accident Lawyer

Injured in an ATV accident? Turn to the legal team at Hilliard Law to discuss your options. We can assess your claim as part of a free consultation during which our attorneys can answer your questions, review the facts surrounding your case, and discuss how we might help you build your case. Contact us today at (866) 927-3420 or through our Contact Page for a consultation with a Texas ATV accident attorney.

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