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harbor freight recall
Harbor Freight recently recalled 454,000 Pittsburg Automotive jack stands and is asking all their consumers who purchased these stands to stop using them immediately. 

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The reason for the recall is because the teeth on the stand may not fully engage to a sufficient depth which may cause the jack stand to fail and drop suddenly.   According to an article in the USA Today, the recall notice that is posted on the retailer’s website says this sudden drop can cause serious injury for people near or under a lifted vehicle.

The recall is only for stands that are 3-Ton and 6-Ton with item numbers 61196, 61197 and 56371.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety recall report, Harbor Freight will notify the owners about the recall notice.  If you have these stands, Harbor Freight is giving consumers who bought these stands a store gift card equal to the retail price at the time the stands were purchased.

I would never wish any type of serious injury on anyone, but to be realistic data reveals that defective jacks can lead to all kinds of injuries from amputations, disfigurements and unfortunately death.  According to the 2019 National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) Data Highlights, there were an estimated 16,433 injuries related to hoists, lifts, and jacks.  The NHTSA also has reported 74,000 are injured by a falling vehicle or vehicle part after reading an article from Forbes Magazine on the most common car-related injuries.  With all this data and injury stories we see it is important to follow instructions and guidelines on these products and to check for any correspondence or notices from retailers and manufactures for recalls of any product.  To check to see if the jack stand you own matches the recall item number for the Harbor Freight recalled jack stands you can follow these steps below:

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