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If you've been injured in a car accident, it's crucial to speak to an attorney who will protect your rights and help you obtain justice.

Every time you get into your car, you’re venturing out with a destination in mind. You might be thinking about the people you’re going to see, the activities you’re going to do, and maybe you’ll even spare a passing thought to the potential traffic you will encounter. People rarely consider that they might be involved in a car accident.

However, statistics show you have a good chance of being in an automobile accident at least once in your lifetime. Data from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) reveals that Texas saw 3,520 fatal auto accidents in 2020 alone. When collisions happen, victims should be represented by car accident attorneys who understand how to fight for their rights and fair compensation.

What Should I Do if I've Been in a Car Accident in Houston?

Immediately following a  car accident, it’s understandable to be momentarily frozen from shock. However, regardless of the type of accident, it’s important to take action as soon as possible.  Even though many collisions are minor, even small accidents can escalate, leading to significant injuries and potential fatalities.

Following a Houston car accident, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself physically, financially, and legally:

  • Move Away From the Flow of Traffic: Move your car off the road or highway if no one is harmed or killed. Failure to remove your automobile or have it taken off the street or highway could lead to the police impounding it.
  • Remain at the Accident Scene: If you are in an accident, you must stay near the site of the accident, or risk being accused of hit-and-run. While you remain on the scene, take photos of any damage and injuries, and try to find witnesses who can corroborate what happened.
  • Call for Medical Assistance: Anybody who has been gravely hurt will require medical attention. Injured people should receive medical assistance as soon as possible to prevent an injury from worsening or leading to death.
  • Report the Accident to the Police: According to Texas Transportation Code section 550.026, the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident is required to report the incident right away to the local police department or sheriff’s office.  The report should include whether any injuries or fatalities occurred, as well as any damage to the vehicle. When possible, get a copy of your accident report.
  • Only Share Necessary Information: Once the authorities arrive, the responding officer may ask you to present your driver’s license, vehicle registration card, proof of auto insurance, and current address. When reporting the incident, be mindful of what you say and try to avoid saying anything that could be incriminating.
  • Save the Other Driver’s Information: Before you or the other driver leaves the scene, you should exchange contact and insurance information. Whether you’re working with your insurance company or filing a personal injury claim, you may need this information for the claims process.
  • Seek Medical Treatment: While you may feel fine immediately after your accident, it is advantageous to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible following your accident. Any injuries you discover after the fact will be easier to associate with the accident, and you will have an official record of those injuries. It may be challenging to keep track of everything immediately following the accident, but do your best to keep notes. They may prove beneficial should you pursue financial compensation from the driver responsible for the accident.

Should I Tell My Auto Insurance Company About the Accident?

In Texas, drivers must show evidence of their financial responsibility for any accidents in which they may be found to be at fault. Most Texas drivers do this by purchasing auto insurance, and the state mandates specific minimum levels of protection.

Texas does not have rules dictating whether or not policyholders involved in auto accidents must notify their insurance provider. However, every auto insurance contract requires the policyholder to notify the insurer as soon as possible following a crash. The insurer may refuse coverage for a crash if the insured fails to report it within a reasonable timeframe.

Ultimately, even if your car accident was minor, you should still report it to your auto insurance company to ensure they will provide coverage for the accident in case you need it.

If I'm Found Partially Responsible for a Car Accident in Houston, Can I Still Recover Damages?

Texas is a “fault” car insurance state, which means that if you were in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, the other motorist is usually held responsible for covering all your damages. By going through insurance and filing a personal injury claim, you can have the liable driver cover losses such as medical expenses, repair costs, and lost wages.

Even if you are found partially at fault for your vehicle accident, you may still be able to claim damages because Texas is a modified comparative responsibility state. This means that if you’re partially at fault, your damage award will be reduced by your percentage of fault, as long as you’re not more than 50% responsible for your car accident.

What Losses Am I Entitled to After My Houston Car Accident?

Anyone hurt in a car accident is almost certain to suffer some sort of loss. Details such as the seriousness of your injuries and the overall effect the collision has had on your life will determine the amount of compensation you’ll be eligible to recover for your auto accident.

In general, you may be eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Alternate transportation
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Lost current and future wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Medical treatment

Every car accident has aftereffects, which may result in losses or damages in all areas of your life. Fortunately, you can submit a claim as a victim of an automobile accident to obtain compensation for those losses. Compensatory damages should equal all losses you have suffered due to the accident.

When attempting to determine the value of their case, auto accident victims frequently fail to consider all the ways that the event has affected them. It takes a skilled auto accident attorney to assess a claim and choose a settlement amount that fairly accounts for your damages. Your car accident attorney will defend you in court and during negotiations to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Real Results ReaL Justice

  • $50
    Million Settlement
    Wrongful Death

    In September 2021, Hilliard Law attorneys secured a $50 Million settlement for the family of a man who died in a commercial trucking accident.

  • $21.5
    Million Verdict
    Distracted Driving Accident

    Mr. Hilliard was the lead trial attorney in a case involving a woman who was injured in a two-vehicle accident. The driver of the second car, an employee of Coca-Cola, was talking on her cell phone at the time of the accident.

  • $20
    Million Settlement
    Catastrophic Injury

    After a week of trial, a $20 Million settlement was reached on behalf of a man who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and back injury resulting from a commercial motor vehicle rollover crash caused by defective road construction conditions.

  • $7.5
    Million Settlement
    Rear-End Accident

    Hilliard Law recovered $7.5M for a client who sustained significant injuries after being rear-ended by a commercial truck.

  • $6
    Million Settlement
    Truck Accident

    Hilliard Law attorneys achieved a $6M settlement for a man who sustained serious injuries after being struck by an 18-wheeler.

  • $1.375
    Million Verdict
    Catastrophic Injury

    In 2019, Hilliard Law attorneys won a $1.375M jury for a man who sustained serious injuries in an automobile accident. This was a 2019 Top 100 Verdict.

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Car accidents are some of the most stressful experiences to resolve. In an instant you may become overwhelmed with responsibilities such as seeking medical attention, contacting your insurance provider, submitting claims, having your car fixed, and possibly much more. A successful auto accident attorney can ease some of that strain. Houston residents who need a lawyer to handle their auto accident lawsuit should contact Hilliard Law.

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